15 November 2015 - European Convention Center Luxembourg
3:30 pm

Ouverture des portes

4:00 pm

Mot d'ouverture

4:10 pm


Consumer financial fragility and the next financial crisis

Ian Bright, Managing Director, Group Research, ING

4:30 pm

Table ronde


Benjamin Masse-Stamberger, International Reporter, L’Express
Luc  Neuberg CEO and Head of Risk Management, BCEE Asset Management
Yves Nosbusch, Chief Economist, BGL BNP Paribas
Antonio Rodriguez, Chief Risk Officer, Banque de Patrimoines Prives


5:00 pm

Technology Insights

« The need to have performant internal analytical tools to respond to the macro-economic increasing volatility » by Christophe Hucque, Chief Finance & Risk Officer, NN Life Luxembourg SA – UNIT4

5:15 pm Break

5:35 pm

Technology Insights

6:05 pm

Mot de l'association POUR UN SOURIRE D'ENFANT

Philippe Dupont, Président, PSE Luxembourg 

6:15 pm Luxembourg Finance Awards Ceremony & Walking Dinner